One of my wishes

I wish to visit my children, my daughter in England and meet the horses she works with, and to visit my son and his girlfriend in Finland and see this little guy again and his new black friend. Inti in the picture was born in faraway Peru. He was found in March 2016 one month old by a young Finnish exchange student in Lima in a park where people dump unwanted cats. She was lucky that her landlady had a cat and dogs so she could take him there and care for him. He is red and white so he got the name Inti, which means sun in Quechua.

The original plan was to find him a home in Peru but Inti and his new mom became attached to each other so she investigated how she could bring him home when she left Peru. The little cat had an infected eye and his new mom feared he would lose his eye, but after treatment his eye recovered. He also struggled with parasite infections, and his new mom and dad worried that they wouldn’t be able to take him home as he couldn’t get his mandatory rabies shots until he was otherwise in good health. But he finally got his rabies shots and a lot of tests to show that he was free from infectious diseases. So in the beginning of September 2016 Inti made the long journey from Lima in Peru to Helsinki in Finland with his new mom. Just after I visited in November he got a friend, a black rescue cat named Talvi. I would very much like to see Inti again and become acquainted with Talvi who is said to be a very cosy cat. Talvi and his siblings got names starting on T that is why he is Talvi – which means winter.

There are lots of homeless cats in the society today. There are many people that try to help them. If you consider getting a cat adopt one that needs you. Inti was very lucky his mom came along just in time to save his life in Peru. Little Talvi was found with his siblings and was also very lucky to be rescued as homeless cats in Finland don´t survive the freezing winter. My son tells me little Talvi is the most affectionate animal he has met since the lovely and affectionate rescue rabbits we had. Remember that when you rescue a cat in dire need it will reward you with great love.

I share this with Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters with the permission of Inti´s mom and dad. To see more of Inti´s story please have a look at my original post on Inti This cat has a story where you can see a picture from his mom´s Instagram account how he looked when she found him.

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