From the edge of the Roman Empire

On  the edge of the Roman Empire at Chesters in Northern England an cavalry regiment with 500 horses and their riders from northern Spain served to guard the Roman Empire from the barbarians north of Hadrian´s wall. People came from Turkey, Mesopotamia, Tunisia, Gaul, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Romania, Italy and many more places to northern England to serve the Roman military. Britons on the other hand served on the eastern border of the Roman Empire in Romania and Thracia. I don´t really think it was individual wanderlust that brought these people here to Hadrian´s wall, rather the wishes of the ruling classes.

In the middle of the picture above one can see the abutment of the Roman bridge once spanning the river North Tyne. I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge:Wanderlust and Weekend Reflections.