Cold and windy

Weekly Weather

The river North Tyne seen from Chesters Roman Fort in Northumberland.

We are visiting Hadrian´s wall in Northumberland and Cumbria. The weather is quite cold although it is sometimes sunny but the winds are icy and cold and the temperature is mostly below 10 degrees Celsius.

The pictures are from Chesters, Corbridge, Benwell in Newcastle, Housestead and from Steel Rigg in Northumberland and from Banks East Turret, Lanercost Priory and Bewcastle in Cumbria. Housestead is the most popular and well known of the forts but I find most of the others more accessible and not as windy as Housestead. I noticed that they sold mittens and beanies in the museum shop at Housestead. I recommend the other forts on the wall other than Housestead if you are elderly or have trouble moving or are sensitive to piercing winds. But they are all worthy of seeing. I share this post with Our…

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