Glad midsommar! – Glad Sankt Hans! – Hyvää Juhannusta! – Happy Midsummer! 2017

Today is Midsummer Eve in Sweden and it is an overcast day with the threat of rain. But the weather held during the day and only started to rain a little in the afternoon. Midsummer is the longest day of the year and is celebrated by raising maypoles dressed with leaves and flowers. Nowadays it is of course celebrated on the nearest friday in the week as the 21rd of June that is the midsummer eve was on the day before yesterday. As it is friday today tomorrow will be midsummer day and everybody will be resting after eating, drinking and dancing around the maypole singing about “Small frogs”.

The midsummer day is connected to Johannes Döparen / John the Baptist and in Denmark and Norway Sankt Hans’ Day is celebrated. In Finland it is called Johannus.

Please enjoy my midsummer bouquet! I have as usual taken a tour in my garden to collect seven flower for midsummer night. One was supposed to pick seven or nine flowers during silence in the meadows and put them under the pillow, then you would dream of the one you would marry. Click on the thumbnails for bigger size.

Glad midsommar! Glad Sankt Hans! Hyvää Juhannusta! Happy Midsummer!