Midsummer weather

Weekly Weather

Shifting between sunny and overcast weather in midsummer week.

Midsummer week offered sunshine as well as rain. But the weather held on the critical hours when Sweden celebrated midsummer. As my daughter and a friend came from abroad for Swedish midsummer I located a small midsummer celebration in a park mostly attended by families with small children. The pictures are from Malmö in Sweden.

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People stress on the day before midsummer buying flowers to decorate their homes with at midsummer.

The red kiosque across the street sells strawberries. Strawberries with whipped cream is also a must on Midsummer eve as well as the pickled herring, new potatoes and swedish meatballs.

The may pole is dressed with flowers and ready to raise.

Poppies and daisies and bluebells.

The may pole is raised before the singing and dancing takes place.

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