Waiting for breakfast

Inti: You could give us food instead of dad!

Early in the morning – the cats are awake – waiting for mum and dad to wake up and serve breakfast. Boring to wait so one has to do some things to entertain oneself. If some human wakes up the better. One can of course always disturb the guests in the living room. They are not used to being disturbed and are quite entertaining. And play wrestling between Inti and Talvi is also common. Or one could gnaw on the chair. Or lay on a table and stare at the guests. Why don´t they feed us? When is dad going to serve breakfast? We want our breakfast!

I have told the stories of Inti – the red rescue cat from Peru- and Talvi – a black rescue cat from Tampere in Finland before on this blog.

Talvi and Inti have an Instagram account at

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One more cat – Talvi – staring at the guests in the early morning, waiting for breakfast.