Inti and Talvi



The other journey we made this year went to Finland in August to visit our son and his girlfriend and their two cats. I had met Inti, the peruvian rescue cat, that travelled with his mom from Lima in Peru to Helsinki in Finland in 2016. I have told Inti´s story last year in This cat has a story.

Inti´s mum and dad wanted a friend for Inti and looked for a rescue cat online. They found Talvi and went to Tampere to visit him. He was said to be a shy cat but they made contact with him and decided to take him home. They got him two weeks before Christmas Eve and the trial period ended on Christmas Eve so this was a Christmas present for both Inti and their mum and dad. Two weeks of worrying and hopes that the cats would be friends. I have told Talvi´s story on Winter is coming – Talvi on tulossa.

I am very happy we managed to go to Helsinki and meet these wonderful cats and their mom and dad. It is memories like these that keep me alive. The portraits of Talvi, the black cat above, and of Inti, the red and white cat below is taken in August 2017.

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