Cosy cat


Talvi is a black rescue cat from Tampere and lives with his friend Inti, the peruvian rescue cat, in Helsinki in Finland. When Talvi came to his new mum and dad, his dad spent a lot of time with him and a strong bond has developed between dad and Talvi. Talvi loves to lie in his dad´s lap and his dad loves him very much. He is also helping his dad when he works at home by sleeping on his knee and holding his arm with his paws. The picture above is taken in August 2017 when we went to Helsinki in Finland to visit our son and his girl friend who are Inti´s and Talvi´s dad and mom.

Talvi and his sister Taika was rescued by a cat rescue organisation in Tampere in the autumn of 2016. Talvi and his sister probably was born in June 2016. Talvi means winter and Taika means magic. Taika was renamed and adopted by family with three more cats and a dog and is enjoying her life.

Talvi and Inti have an Instagram account at

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