Tour Guide – Cherry Blossom on Sakura Dori in Nagoya, Japan


Bridge rail.

In the beginning of april 2013 I travelled to Nagoya in Japan to visit my son who lived there at the time. I arrived at the end of the hanami season, when people walk among the blossoming cherry trees. My son took me for a walk along the canal Yamazaki River and along the Sakura Dori – the Cherry Blossom path that runs along the canal.  There were a lot of people along the canal. When I visited in November the same year the canal was deserted and sleepy. These pictures are from april when the streets were bustling with people. I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Tour Guide.




Lots of people along the canal.


Sakura – cherry blossom.


The cherry blossom season will soon end.


More people on another bridge along the sakura dori – cherry blossom path – admiring the blossoms.


Cherry blossom time on Yamazaki river.