Extinction Rebellion on Waterloo Bridge april 2019


We visited London on Easter week. When we tried to take a bus to Waterloo Station instead of travelling with the Underground the buses stopped running due to Extinction Rebellion protests on Waterloo bridge. One could say we miscalculated as we thought it would be easier with the suitcase on the bus than chancing it on the metro with a heavy suitcase. Lifts and elevator stairs are not reliable in London I have found so we prefer the bus. But this time Waterloo Bridge was closed off due to protests. I managed to snap a few pictures. The guy laying on the ground was carried away by the police right after the picture was taken. It is also a kind of meta-picture as it shows a photographer taking a picture of the guy on the street. Anyhow we didn´t have a special train to catch this time, only that we wanted to be in Wiltshire before night fell and this we managed to do.