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This is a blog about photographs, the main theme is the urban environment in the town where I live. This also means flowers, birds and other things that come to my attention.

As a young girl I went to a photographers school for two years and learnt the basics of photography. Of course it is good to know how to do something but you also have to find out the kind of pictures you want to take. And I didn´t find it then. So the camera was put away for many years, only to be taken out to document children and pets from time to time. But at the end of the 1990s we got a digital camera and I suddenly looked around and started to think about how the town had changed and started to take pictures of streets in a small scale.

When my daughter started at a new riding school we usually had time on our hands before the riding lesson as the pony she rode usually was ridden on the lesson before ours. As we didn´t have to make the horse ready for riding we went to look at the horses in the paddock and I took pictures of them. A dream for a horseloving little girl to have a mother to photograph horses. And I still do that when I visit her.

And by this you know what kind of photos my picture shoeboxes are full of. Streets, landscapes, horses, animals, flowers, sports, and of course now and then some family photographs. But my children are rather shy of the camera but they have a lot of patience when mother finds some photo opportunity. They start to fiddle with their phones and don´t notice when I start walking again. And of course complains that I have suddenly disappeared when I see something new in the viewer of my camera. But they are very patient.

A few years back I went to photography courses at a university. And there was the discussion about pictures I missed out on when I was young. I think it is important to discuss and help students what kind of work they will do and what suits their style.

And after I got the digital system cameras my photography has exploded. It is cheap, you can take a lot of pictures and chose the best. With the help of computer programs you can correct exposure, contrast, colour, and if you want to make pictures that leave the realistic world you are free to do so. In the old photo world you needed a lab of your own to make these corrections. Although I usually state when the pictures are too much altered, especially when I publish scanned photos.

Kameran väntar på action / The camera is waiting for action

Kameran väntar på action / The camera is waiting for action

I have used several cameras in my life starting with the Instamatic my father bought on our way to Norway in 1963. My first real camera was a Yashica half-automatic camera bought in 1970 followed by a Canon ftb some years later. From the 1980s I photographed with Olympus OM1 with several lenses and from the late 1990s with several makes of small compact digital cameras alongside the analog Olympus and a Minolta APS camera bought in 2002. In november 2010 I at last bought a Nikon D3000 on sale when a photo shop had to close. Some small compact cameras have varied in make over the years. Now I use the smart phone as a quick pocket-camera. I have a Nikon D3000 with three lenses that often travel with me in my backpack and I have bought a Canon Eos 1100d during 2013. During the autumn of 2015 I bought a Nikon D3200 that just now is the camera I use the most.

I have extended my blogs with one blog for vintage photography on Vintage Photography and bird pictures on Birdbrain. Weather pictures can be found on Weekly Weather. Pictures on these themes from before I started the daughter blogs can be found on this blog.

I am also interested in miniatures and reading books, mostly detective stories and sometimes fantasy. For links to my miniature sites and my quotation sites look below in the black field.

An introduction to the town where I have lived almost all my life – Malmö, can be found here, and to my country – Sweden here.

I have also made an examination project during spring 2013 with pictures I have scanned from black and white films I took in the early 1970s. They could be found on Moments in time (English) or at Ögonblick i tiden (Swedish).


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