The list below is posts with pictures from England on this blog.

Stonehenge -     Beautiful texture on the ancient stones at Stonehnge. I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Texture.   
Car mirror reflection - Reflection in the mirror of a thrusty little car in England in the spring of 2017. As a bonus reflections in the car and the windows is reflected in the mirror as well.… Continue reading
Order - When you have a large empire to rule you need to have order and a standard layout was used on most forts in the Roman empire, adapted of course to the place where… Continue reading
Mural at King´s Cross in London - At King´s Cross in the beginning of November 2016 I saw this painted house and photogrpahed it. It is commissioned by the company that owns Karpo restaurant and the Megaro Hotel, and was designed… Continue reading
Lanercost Priory - Lanercost Priory in Cumbria in England is built of stones from Hadrian´s wall nearby in 1166. Why waste energy to quarry new stones when you have stones already? Most of the priory was… Continue reading
Steel Rigg -   Walking towards the Sycamore Gap at Steel Rigg we saw these cliffs. At first we followed the steps climbing the cliffs but I felt like I was going to fall over the… Continue reading
The serene mystery of Stonehenge - Stonehenge is an eternal mystery on earth. Why was it built and by whom? What purpose was it meant to serve? More than a million people from all around the world visit Stonehenge… Continue reading
From the edge of the Roman Empire - On  the edge of the Roman Empire at Chesters in Northern England an cavalry regiment with 500 horses and their riders from northern Spain served to guard the Roman Empire from the barbarians… Continue reading
Dense cloud cover - A dense and dark cloud on our way between Carlisle and Haltwhistle in northern England. I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Dense.
Mural in Camden in London - In Camden along the street to Camden Market every house was painted with murals. This is in one of the corners. I share this post on Monday Murals.      
Graceful and beautiful horses grazing - Graceful and beautiful horses grazing in the English landscape. I share this post with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Graceful
Graffiti between King´s Cross and Camden Market in London - I found this graffiti on our way from King´s Cross to Camden Market in London in the beginning of November. I made a search for “bambi” and found this article I share this post… Continue reading
Graffiti at Camden Market in London -   On the side of the mural I published last week this graffiti was painted. My impression is that the people on this part of the wall are painted by different artists. On… Continue reading
Camden Lock - This week I am reusing a picture of Camden Lock I published on Weekly Weather during the autumn of 2016. It is very convenient when you can read the name of the place… Continue reading
Mural at Camden Market in London - Last week I said there was another political graffiti at Camden Market in London across the street. This was something unfamiliar to me although the colors are impressive. I googled it and learned… Continue reading
Graffiti at Camden Market in London -   When at Camden Market in London in the beginning of November I saw this graffiti and snapped a few frames of it. I better publish it now before Mr. Trump becomes president. Please… Continue reading
2016 in Retrospective - It has been a tough year but I am sharing  some highlights here with The Daily Post’s weekly discover challenge: Retrospective. Click on the pictures to follow the picture trail and read the captions to… Continue reading
Grey Squirrel in Regent´s Park -   Walking in Regent´s Park in London we saw this grey squirrel. More animals pictures on Camera Critters and on Saturday’s Critters .
Bambi at The Brooke -   This tiny horse was at the races at Rowley Mile in Newmarket last saturday in aid of horses and donkeys. The Brooke and Bambi´s Facebook page. More animals pictures on Camera Critters.
Painter along the South Bank - Going through my digital shoe box of pictures I came across this picture of a graffitti painter along the South Bank of London in 2014. I share this post on Monday Murals.    … Continue reading
Temporary art on building site -   Going through my digital shoe box of pictures I came across this wall decoration from London in 2014. It was a bit hard to photograph as there was a lamp post in… Continue reading
Shared journey to London - In 2014 I visited my daughter in England and we agreed to go to London. My daughter had at that time lived for several years in England but hadn´t been there and I had been there… Continue reading
Memories from my travels -   In recent years I have travelled to several countries to visit my children. These pictures are memories from England, Japan, Finland and Estonia. To see the captions click on the pictures. In… Continue reading
The Golden Hind - Old ships from the sail period are often very ornate. Here is a picture of a replica of Francis Drake’s galleon the Golden Hind that is moored on the Thames in London. More information about this treasure can… Continue reading
Still a mystery - In London I saw this sign offering a Jack the Ripper tour. I am a sucker for mysteries but I find these murders too gruesome and much prefer Midsomer Murders even though it… Continue reading
Clouds / Moln - Svensk text nedanför den engelska texten / Swedish text below the English text. I love flying and and these cloud pictures are taken on flights between Denmark and England and between Finland and Japan. Photo triplet… Continue reading
Early mornings with the horses - Working with animals is very rewarding but a lot of hard work and early mornings. Getting up at five, barely awake, changing litter, brushing, taking care of coat and hooves and checking the… Continue reading
Glass reflection on the south bank - I took this picture along the South Bank of London. More pictures at Weekend Reflections
The End of Photo 101 - To see the pictures in bigger size click on the gallery and read the information in the caption to the pictures. Last weekend and Photography 101 is at an end. I have made… Continue reading

A sample of pictures from England below:
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