The town where I live – Malmö

This tour guide to the town where I lived was originally crafted several years ago and I have added to it and changed the pictures several times during the years.

For bigger size click on the pictures and follow the picture trail. (updated 2018-02-09)

Malmö lies in Southern Sweden across a strait where on the other side the capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen, resides. The first mention of Malmö is said to be an inventory or contract for a norwegian princess when she married. Otherwise it is thought to be founded by the bishop in Lund in 1275. For some hundred years the county of Skåne where Malmö lies belonged to Denmark and Malmö was Denmark’s second biggest town after Copenhagen. The town privileges was granted by Eric of Pomerania in 1437. Malmöhus castle was said to be his favourite castle. In 1658 Scania (Skåne) became Swedish and Malmö is now Sweden’s third biggest city. Öresundsbron – the bridge between Sweden and Denmark was opened in 2000 and now you could go by train or car to Denmark. The bridge and the two cities Malmö and Copenhagen is featured in the tv-series The Bridge. It is feels a bit weird to see familiar surroundings in a TV-series.

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This is where Malmö is found in the physical world