Öresundsbron circa 1999-2000

Weekend Reflections:Reflections in the windows of the Information Centre at Lernacken at Öresundsbron between Sweden and Denmark 1999-2000. Advertisements

Crows on roof

Crows on roof. More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged #42. Updated June 21, 2012 at 5:52 pm: This is hooded crow, Corvus corone cornix. Thanks to Stephen for the information!


Unknown but very impressive in a garden in Scania, Sweden. More flower pictures at Nature´s Footstep Blo-Ma #3.

Typiska hus där jag bor / Typical houses where I live

English text below swedish in each paragraph: Denna gång har Emma som tema typiska hus där jag bor.  Hus i gult tegel är vanliga där jag bor, antingen radhus, villor eller flerbostadshus. Materialet var… Continue reading

Somrigt / Summer feeling

Fototriss på tema “Somrigt”. Besök Fototriss för fler bidrag. /Photo triplet on theme “Summer feeling” “. Visit Fototriss for links to more pictures.

Vintage Weekly: Sailor´s church

Vintage Weekly: This building is part of the sailor´s church in Malmö. I think it is the parish home. The picture is taken in 2004.

The ending of a season

The ending of a season. Japanese cherry blossom at the end in Scania, Sweden. More flower pictures at Nature´s Footstep Blo-Ma #2.


Jackdaw foraging in the early morning. More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged #41.

Street at night

Shadow Sunday: The street is full of shadows at night.

Vintage Weekly: Sillabanan / Herring Railway

Vintage Weekly: The old rails of Sillabanan or the herring railway along the beach between the fishing village Limhamn and Malmö. The fishwifes travelled on the train with their wheelbarrows full of fish to… Continue reading