Ruins – Absalons castle

This time, the images come from Absalon’s Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark,  summer of 2011. The castle was built in 1167 and demolished in 1369. The Danish tv Christmas Calendar “The secret of Absalon” (Absalons Hemmelighed) in… Continue reading

Vintage Weekly: Sailor´s hotel, Malmö

Vintage Weekly: This house has now been demolished. It was the sailor´s hotel, Sjöfartshotellet,  in Malmö, On the backside is the sailor´s church. The picture is taken in 2004.

Skywatch – Perfect sky

Perfect sky seen as a backdrop to winged statue at the gates of Sanct Paul’s churchyard. It is named Ängel och fåglar / Angel and birds by Axel Wallenberg, a disciple to Carl Milles.… Continue reading

Malmöhus Castle, Malmö, Sweden

Scenic Sunday: Another castle, this time Erik of Pomerania‘s favorite castle, Malmöhus slott. This part of Sweden once belonged to Denmark. Erik gave town privileges to Malmö in 1437.

Hungry seagulls

Hungry seagulls during a cold and snowy february. More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged #35.

The accidental selfportrait

Weekend Reflections: This photograph was only taken to document the words on the picture, an facsimile of an old pub poster. Playing with it in Lightroom I discovered that I accidentally made a sort… Continue reading

Photo Thesaurus: Color

Thursday Term Week 15: Color

Grind och grindstolpar /Gates

Grindar är temat på Veckans hus denna gången. Från olika generationer av villagrindar,  en grind till dörröppningen till en restauarang, en kyrkogårdsgrind och en grind till ett bostadshus. Klicka på de små bilderna… Continue reading

Vintage Weekly: Kronborg castle, Helsingör, Denmark

Vintage Weekly: Travelling by train heading for Denmark I am always fascinated by the train personnel when they say: ” And the train goes on for Elsinore.” Elsinore is the same as Helsingör and… Continue reading


This butterfly was caught with an analog camera in 2005 or 2006 . More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged #35.