Hörja church

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Hörja parish church in northern Scania, built in the thirteenth century. The tower is added 1924. My grandparents and my aunt and uncles are buried here. We are…

Graffiti by Kungsgatan, Malmö

By Kungsgatan in Malmö I found this graffitti on a electrical shed. Unknown artist. More pictures on Monday Murals  

Hyllie station stairs

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In later years Hyllie station has been my starting point or arrival point on my journeys to see my children who both live abroad. This picture is from…

A week beginning with rain and ending with snow

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? The week started with rain, here at Triangeln Metro station, the entrance to Citytunneln. ? The week started with rain and grey weather. But I have seen glimpes…

You are good enough as you are

On Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö I found this face painted by Emelie Schill. The gist of the text on the painting can be translated as “You are good enough as you are”.… Continue reading

Snow disappears slowly

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Icy and slippery streets – walk carefully! It is still dark in the mornings but dawn is coming when I go to work. This week the snow mostly…

On Sveaborg – Suomenlinna in Helsinki

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On Sveaborg – a sea fortress whose construction started in 1748 by Augustin Ehrensvärd who was a Swedish military officer and an architect. Finland was a part of…

Happy elephant in Malmö

A happy elephant painted on Torggatan leading up to Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö. The elephant is painted by Ester Eriksson. A tiny child shouted “look at the elephant” when the artist painted… Continue reading


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Tiny snowflakes have started to fall on monday afternoon. It is still dark in the mornings when I go to work but the light is coming back  and…

Mural in Camden in London

In Camden along the street to Camden Market every house was painted with murals. This is in one of the corners. I share this post on Monday Murals.