Beloved horse

Working with horses is not a job, it is a vocation. The horse is Petrify and my daughter who was his caretaker loved him dearly. He was something of a problem boy, easily scared which… Continue reading

Beloved foals

Working with horses is not a job, it is a vocation. These foals are photographed on a stud on the English countryside in the autumn of 2016.  I share this post with The Daily… Continue reading

Beloved cat

Inti was born in faraway Peru. He was found in March one month old by a young Finnish exchange student in Lima in a park where people dump unwanted cats. She was lucky… Continue reading

Jolly garden elf

I found this jolly garden elf on a walk in january 2015 and found it again on my hard drive today. I share this with Daily Post´s Daily Prompts at Jolly


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Descending the ridge Hallandsåsen that divides the provinces Scania and Halland in Sweden on the Halland side.

Snow by Sagavallen in Borås

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On my last weekend in Borås in january 2016 there was snow that soon melted. The picture shows the tiny football arena and the street that I used…

Snow on Döbelsgatan in Borås

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We are?back in Borås, this time on Döbelsgatan in January 2016, my last month in Borås before returning home. As the snow was deep I had started to…

Snow in Limhamn

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A thin coat of snow on a suburban street in Limhamn, Malmö, Sweden.

Good bye – Au revoir – Auf Wiedersehen

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Järnvägsgatan in Limhamn on the 1st of January 2018. The first post on this blog appeared on the 9th of August 2013, more than four years ago. These…


Inti, the Peruvian rescue cat, travelled with his mom in this bag from Lima in Peru to Helsinki in Finland in 2016. I have told Inti´s story last year in This cat has… Continue reading