Cat Mural at Telliskivi in Tallinn

On a day trip to Tallinn from Helsinki in August 2018 I saw this cat mural on Telliskivi in Tallinn. The place is filled with murals and well worth visiting. It lies just outside… Continue reading

Repurposed concrete factory in Klagshamn, Sweden

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? This picture of a concrete factory seen in the distance in Klagshamn was taken in the beginning of the 21st century. Between 1903 and 1938 it was a part of…

Ferry Terminal Reflections in Helsinki

Embarking the ferry from Tallinn in Helsinki last Friday I snapped this reflection when descending on the escalators. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Along the shore on Lauttasaari – Drumsö

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? On our last journey together to Finland I took this picture along the shore on Lauttasaari – Drumsö in Helsinki, Finland. The picture is taken in August 2017. To…

Beach on Lauttasaari – Drumsö

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My husband told me this stand would make a good picture so I took a photo of it. Maybe there used to be a life guard on this…

Love Locks at Nyhavn, Copenhagen

  Love locks on abridge in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.  

Waiting for the lobster party at Malmöfestivalen

When Malmöfestivalen started in 1985 my husband ate lobsters at the lobster party. There is still a lobster party on the opening night and I snapped this picture when I passed the big… Continue reading

Öresundsbron – in August 2017

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The postcard this week is from a walk to the marina in August 2017 and is a view of the Öresund bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. The…

Venetian Carousel at Malmöfestivalen

Yesterday was the opening day of Malmöfestivalen, the annual party in Malmö, that started in 1985. Then it was a cosy affair but it has grown big during the years with big artists… Continue reading

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

When we were young we went to Copenhagen by ferry quite often, mostly on the ferry between Limhamn and Dragør and from Dragør we took the bus to Copenhagen. We used to visit… Continue reading