blogging 201

Memories of symmetry - Two of the circa seventy stones on the iron age grave field in Röglinge in a copse of oaks in southern Sweden remain as memories of two symmetrical stoneships that once lay here side… Continue reading
On the shores of cyberspace - During January and February I have participated in the online courses of Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 on WordPress. I have learnt a lot about blogging and met many interesting people on the… Continue reading
Observations — Graffiti - From my new blog on Tumblr Observations — Graffiti. Update: As the picture doesn´t show up from the tumblr blog  I have added it to my media library and inserted it form there.
Liliputian landscape -   Arriving by plane from Copenhagen heading for Stansted in southern England looking down on the liliputian landscape. Well on ground I know I am in the same scale again as the landscape but… Continue reading
Dreaming of flying - Surely it would be a dream to be able to support oneself with pictures and blogging. Probably with the help of other things of course. At least one could dream and I wish it… Continue reading