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Memories of symmetry - Two of the circa seventy stones on the iron age grave field in Röglinge in a copse of oaks in southern Sweden remain as memories of two symmetrical stoneships that once lay here side… Continue reading
On the shores of cyberspace - During January and February I have participated in the online courses of Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 on WordPress. I have learnt a lot about blogging and met many interesting people on the… Continue reading
Liliputian landscape -   Arriving by plane from Copenhagen heading for Stansted in southern England looking down on the liliputian landscape. Well on ground I know I am in the same scale again as the landscape but… Continue reading
In the palm of Buddha’s hand - In the grove where the big Buddha in Nagoya stands there is a big open hand of Buddha. In the center of the hand is the symbol of dharmacakra. Read more about the symbol… Continue reading
Depth - Something seems to be the problem. Construction workers on the building site at Malmö Centralstation, Sweden in 2010 are discussing something on both side of the giant hole in the ground. When the… Continue reading
Window into the world - I photographed this window in the White Tower of London at the end of april 2014 when I visited London with my daughter. The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror… Continue reading
Concentration - Walking along the South Bank of London there are lots of living statues and street artist. This guy is concentrated on the glass ball in his hand. I came to think about all… Continue reading
Cambridge sunday market - Digging into my digital picture shoe box for memories I came across this picture from  Cambridge from when I visited England for the first time after my daughter moved to England. We went… Continue reading
We will meet by the cat -  Inspired by girlexpat I digged into my digital picture shoe box for memories from my visits to Nagoya. This was on my third day in Nagoya and in Japan. Vi had fetched my daughter… Continue reading
Feeding the doves at Osu Kannon Temple - Originally posted on Birdbrain:
Digging into my picture shoebox I came across this joyous picture of children feeding the  doves at Osu Kannon temple in central Nagoya in Japan. More bird pictures on…
Cables - I got a comment on my posting for Shadowed yesterday and followed the link back to girlexpat and discovered lovely pictures from Nagoya in Japan where my son lived for several years. Another blog… Continue reading
Blogging 101: Write to Your Dream Reader - I have been blogging for several years and I have learnt a lot by doing, but there are things I sometimes think I would like to know how to do so I took… Continue reading
Blogging 101: Say Your Name - When I started this blog sometime in 2010 I seriously didn´t know what to call it so I registered it as Christina´s Pictures and that is why the url is like it is.… Continue reading
Introduction to blogging 101 - I started this blog sometime in 2010. At first I did not really know what to do with it. I uploaded a few pictures but did not find a common red thread to follow… Continue reading