Sweden – the country where I live

If you were to go south from Trelleborg instead of going north in Sweden you would end in Italy as Sweden stretches in the south to north direction. Sweden is the third biggest country in the Europan Union and the fifth biggest in Europe if you count area but 21 inhabitants per square kilometre (54/sq mi). Southern Sweden with its cities has the most dense population. The pictures I am showing here starts in Trelleborg in the south travelling north to Luleå in the north. As I live in southern Sweden, the province of Scania, there are more pictures from the south than from the north. Click on the first picture in the gallery and make a journey through Sweden.

To see where this place is in the physical world click here to see the map at the bottom of the page!
I have collected a sample of pictures from the town I live in on the page Where I live – Malmö and a page showing the blog posts from Borås,  the town I am  working and living in for a few months are here.

As I live in southern Sweden my view of the world centers in Malmö: