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Late in November

  The Christmas lights are mounted on one of the trees but not lighted yet on Gustav Adolfs square in Malmö, Sweden in November 2019. The trees are still green as it has… Continue reading

Autumn fog

This picture of fog in Malmö was published in color on my other blog Weekly Weather this week. I got a suggestion from Peter B at http://sparepartsandpics.blogspot.se/ in comments that it would be… Continue reading

Experimental light

  Walking through the twilight in the morning and in the afternoon I experiment with the light and a lense with f-stop 1.8. The picture is taken early morning in old town Malmö. I… Continue reading

Solitude on Rya åsar on a rainy day

On a rainy saturday I finally got to have a walk on Rya åsar in Borås, Sweden. I am sorry I didn´t get do it again but didn´t spend every weekend in Borås when I… Continue reading

Heirloom apple – Calville Blanc Apple

At open day at the local farm museum in Asmundtorp in Sweden I came across and heirloom apple –  Calville Blanc Apple. I share this with Today´s Flowers.  

October 2015 Höst / Autumn

It is Monday and it is the first day at work after the change to winter time that took place between Saturday and sunday. It means dawn arrives an hour earlier than last… Continue reading

Autumn shadow

My shadow on the ground filled with red leaves. More shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday


Fireweed after the flowers are gone.  Thank you to Gunilla that told me a swedish name for the flower I didn´t know, duntrav. I always think of it as mjölkört or rallarros. Mjölkört… Continue reading

Treasure – Blackberries

Day sixteen on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is Treasure & Close up. Inspired by Michelle´s assignment mail about close ups of blackberries on her tart my mind wanders to… Continue reading

Fresh from the garden

A memory of fresh produce from my garden during the autumn. Hazel nuts, fresh blackberries, a rather sour grape and a jar of umeshu made with apples. More pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge:… Continue reading

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