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Starling at Luton Airport

Romantic mural by Etam Cru in Borås

Borås in western Sweden is filled with big murals, here is a romantic picture by Etam Cru painted in 2014 and it is one of my favourites. More pictures on Monday Murals.

Duck in Nagoya

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
I was lucky to catch this lovely oriental mallard standing on a stone in the water of the Canal Yamakazi River in Nagoya. More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday…

Träd / Trees

English text below the Swedish text. Träd som boplatser, utsiktspunkt, fåglarnas motsvarighet till soffa och stolar. Några råkor i träd nära Kirseberg I Malmö.  I  Fototriss på tema “Träd”. Trees for living in, for overlooking… Continue reading

Look up

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
I looked up and saw two flying swans. Lucky I had the camera out of the bag so I just raised the camera and clicked. I was in luck with the light…

Grodperspektiv / From the frog´s point of view

Eftersom jag bor i en stad med många höga hus är det ganska lätt att känna sig liten på jorden. Dessa bilder är alla tagna i Rörsjöstaden i Malmö. Sankt Pauli kyrka dominerar… Continue reading

Blackbird and apples

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
It is cold and it has snowed so the blackbirds come to feast from the fallen apples.  More animal pictures on Camera Critters and more bird pictures on Wild…


One bird in the sky, or  at least on the photo.  More Pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge: One


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected. Quite unexpectedly this japanese crow flew up in front of me and started to eat dandelions. The place is a grassy patch at the moat of Nagoya Castle. He… Continue reading


A Word a Week Photography Challenge: Lines. Tree sparrows on power lines along the Yamazaki river in Nagoya, Japan.

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