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Magpies in morning light

Magpies on roof in early morning light.  More winged pictures at The BIRD D’Pot &  NF Winged #55. Advertisements

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Doves chasing each other.  More winged pictures at Tuesday Tweets 

The BIRD D’Pot: Perfect camouflage

I have seen a lot of  sparrows lately. This time I saw a sparrow landing on the ground, something moved and there they were. Perfectly camouflaged, probably the same gang I seen before. These seems to… Continue reading

Portrait of a Tree Sparrow

I was in luck today when I caught this lovely tree sparrow close up, More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged #54 & Wild Bird Wednesday #8 .

Great tit on corner of Sankt Paul’s church

A great tit sitting on the corner of the octagon church of Sankt Paul´s in Malmö.  More winged pictures at The BIRD D’Pot &  Tuesday Tweets   

Female blackbird

I think this is a female blackbird although it is a bit different than I am used to but according to the bird book she can look like this with lighter coloring. The female is… Continue reading


Company on my lunchtime, a male blackbird .  More winged pictures at  Tuesday Tweets .

Gang of sparrows

This is probably the same gang I photographed the last time. I saw something moving in the grey gravel and there they were busy picking at something. Luckily I had the camera handy… Continue reading

The BIRD D’Pot: Fieldfare

There is a shadowy spot along a street lined with trees close to my work where I ususally see a lot of birds. This bird hopped on the ground in June and I… Continue reading


There is a shadowy spot on a street lined with trees close to my work where I ususally see a lot of birds. This time two female chaffinches or perhaps juvenile birds picked at things… Continue reading