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Sunrise above the clouds

  I love flying and often hang by the window. This picture of a sunrise is taken somewhere above Sweden in the beginning of this week. More pictures on Skywatch. Advertisements Occasionally, some of… Continue reading

Drifting clouds

  The everchanging sky with drifting clouds. I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Transient.   

High mountains in Japan

I am very fascinated by flying and love looking down on the landscape. Here I have caught the spare Japanese high mountains close to the clouds when flying out from Japan in 2013.… Continue reading

My muse – pictures of the city

My muse is taking portraits of the city I live in or the places I visit. Those that have followed this blog for a while know I have a lot of pictures of… Continue reading

Clouds / Moln

Svensk text nedanför den engelska texten / Swedish text below the English text. I love flying and and these cloud pictures are taken on flights between Denmark and England and between Finland and Japan. Photo triplet… Continue reading

I love flying

Seems like I need to create a post to claim a blog on blogloving so here it comes. I love to fly and this picture is from a flight between Japan and Finland.… Continue reading


Summer, clouds, a bright sun and a car window. More pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction.  


Clouds. More pictures at Black and White Weekend.

I luften / In the air

English text below the swedish text: Vi besökte storkprojektet en perfekt sommardag och såg glador och storkar flyga i luften. Storken som är på väg att landa på bilden är på en av… Continue reading

Reflections on a London street

Weekend Reflections: Somewhere in the neighbourhood of South Bank in London, probably on our walk to the subway..