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A tyrannosaurus lurking in the bushes

Visiting a bird park in Southern England I saw this Tyrannosaurus lurking in the bushes. Luckily he wasn´t alive. Advertisements

A view from Canary Wharf

The view from the hotel window at Canary Wharf was fantastic at night.


Avebury is a neolithic stone circle close to Stonehenge. It is a giant circle with remnants of smaller stone circles  inside the big circle. Only part of the big circle remain. In Sweden we… Continue reading

Extinction Rebellion on Waterloo Bridge april 2019

We visited London on Easter week. When we tried to take a bus to Waterloo Station instead of travelling with the Underground the buses stopped running due to Extinction Rebellion protests on Waterloo bridge. One… Continue reading

Grey Squirrel in Kensington Gardens

On a hot spot for parrots in Kensington Gardens in London we also saw this grey squirrel. The squirrels like the peanuts as much as the parrots did. More animals pictures on Saturday’s Critters… Continue reading

Remembrance poppy at King´s Cross 2016

Today it is 100 years since the first world war ended and lots of remembrance ceremonies has have been performed all over the world. Let us hope for a world in peace. This picture… Continue reading

Military Mural at Andover

We went to Andover and parked at ASDA when we were going to Rooksbury Mill. At the entrance to the parking lot I found these paintings on both sides of the tunnel of… Continue reading

One glass window

At the hotel in London I noticed the water drops on the glass and when we checked it was an one glass window that England is famous for. It is autumn now but… Continue reading

View from London Eye

A view from the top of London Eye looking out over the Thames and London in October 2018. More pictures on Our World Tuesday.


Jellyfish at London SeaLife through auqarium glass.