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Mural in Camden in London

In Camden along the street to Camden Market every house was painted with murals. This is in one of the corners. I share this post on Monday Murals.      

Graceful and beautiful horses grazing

Graceful and beautiful horses grazing in the English landscape. I share this post with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Graceful

Graffiti between King´s Cross and Camden Market in London

I found this graffiti on our way from King´s Cross to Camden Market in London in the beginning of November. I made a search for “bambi” and found this article I share this post… Continue reading

Graffiti at Camden Market in London

  On the side of the mural I published last week this graffiti was painted. My impression is that the people on this part of the wall are painted by different artists. On… Continue reading

Camden Lock

This week I am reusing a picture of Camden Lock I published on Weekly Weather during the autumn of 2016. It is very convenient when you can read the name of the place… Continue reading

Mural at Camden Market in London

Last week I said there was another political graffiti at Camden Market in London across the street. This was something unfamiliar to me although the colors are impressive. I googled it and learned… Continue reading

Graffiti at Camden Market in London

  When at Camden Market in London in the beginning of November I saw this graffiti and snapped a few frames of it. I better publish it now before Mr. Trump becomes president. Please… Continue reading

2016 in Retrospective

It has been a tough year but I am sharing  some highlights here with The Daily Post’s weekly discover challenge: Retrospective. Click on the pictures to follow the picture trail and read the captions to… Continue reading

Grey Squirrel in Regent´s Park

  Walking in Regent´s Park in London we saw this grey squirrel. More animals pictures on Camera Critters and on Saturday’s Critters .

Starling at Luton Airport