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Shadow and sky in Cambridge

Skywatch & Shadow Sunday:  Shadowy trees under a rain-threatening sky in Cambridge, England. Advertisements

Hyllie station just before dawn

Shadow Sunday 2 & Scenic Sunday: Play with light and shadows at dawn on the stairs at Hyllie station in the beginning of the year.

Härnösand, Sweden

Scenic Sunday: Scene from Härnösand in northern Sweden along the High Coast. Taken with an analog camera in 2005.

Vintage Weekly: Kronborg castle, Helsingör, Denmark

Vintage Weekly: Travelling by train heading for Denmark I am always fascinated by the train personnel when they say: ” And the train goes on for Elsinore.” Elsinore is the same as Helsingör and… Continue reading

Hyllie Water Tower circa 2000

Around 2000 I took this picture of Hyllie Water Tower when Hyllie Station was only in the planning stage. More pictures on Scenic Sunday:

Swedish countryside

This typical Swedish countryside scene is caught from the running train between Borlänge and Linköping. The red houses with white corners is the typical idea of the swedish countryside house. More pictures on Scenic… Continue reading


The storm “Gudrun” in 2005 caused a lot of trees to fall and the sawmills had a lot of timber in store. In this picture stored timber is sprayed with water. Mote pictures… Continue reading