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October 2015 Höst / Autumn

It is Monday and it is the first day at work after the change to winter time that took place between Saturday and sunday. It means dawn arrives an hour earlier than last… Continue reading

Autumn shadow

My shadow on the ground filled with red leaves. More shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday

Treasure – Blackberries

Day sixteen on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is Treasure & Close up. Inspired by Michelle´s assignment mail about close ups of blackberries on her tart my mind wanders to… Continue reading

The Natural World – The structure of water

Day eight on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is The Natural World. My picture for today is of water in a canal in Kyoto in Japan and I have edited… Continue reading

Dry leaves

There are still dry leaves from yesteryear on the hedges. I think this is hornbeam used for cut hedges. More pictures on Today’s flowers and I Heart Macro.

Trappor / Stairs

Trappor vinter, vår och höst. Fototriss på tema “Trappor” / The idea of stairs. Photo triplet on theme “Stairs”. Visit Fototriss for links to more pictures.  


Tiny bugs on the hazel leaves. More critters on Camera Critters and more macro on I heart macro.

Favoritfärg / Favorite color

Swedish text below the English text. / Svensk text under den engelska texten. Charlotta has chosen “favorite color” for theme this week. I don´t really have a favourite color in flowers but I… Continue reading

Randig / Striped

Striped leaves on pot plants. The one to the left is mother-in-law’s tongue. More pictures on Trädgårdsfärger: Randigt / Garden colors: Striped more flowers on Today´s flowers and more macro on I heart… Continue reading

Prickig / Dotted

Dotted leaves on a decorative plant in Nagoya, Japan. More pictures on Trädgårdsfärger: Prickig / Garden colors: Dotted more flowers on Today´s flowers and more macro on I heart macro. Prickiga blad hittade jag i Nagoya, Japan.… Continue reading