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Giant white rabbit

I am a sucker for rabbits, having had several pet rabbits. To my great joy there was a giant white rabbit on the event Metropolis: by Light  (link to map in Swedish) that took place in… Continue reading

Shadow window

  Passing by a lighted office window I saw these shadows and snapped a picture. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Shadow      

Walking home

Walking home through the dusk with a lot of ambient light from different sources. The picture is taken this week. The willow trees are centuries old and once stood by a country road… Continue reading

Blue morning

  Going to work in the dark morning in Borås I feel positive feelings for my day and I am fascinated by the light on the streets waiting for the dawn to arrive. In response to… Continue reading

Enchanting light

Enchanting blue  light on the snow in Borås, Sweden reminds me of a painting on my wall. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Life Imitates Art Published 2016-02-12    

Mysterious lights

In the darkness ordinary things turn mystic. And from where does the blue and green reflection come from?  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Half shadow, half light

I turn around and have look at the slope I just descended early morning on Fleminggatan in Borås knowing I have to go back up the hills when I go home in the… Continue reading

Play With Light

Second weekend on WordPress University course Photo 101 and it is time to play with light. I worked almost three years close to Kungsgatan in Malmö, Sweden, and almost every day I took… Continue reading

Kungsgatan at dawn

Tenth day on WordPress University course Photo 101 and the theme is Mystery & Lighting Effects. I took this picture an early winter morning on my way to work. I think it gives… Continue reading

Twinkling lights

Lights from the street lamps and the cars are reflected in the iron fence at dawn during the dark part of the year. More pictures at Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle