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Tramway of roses

Vintage Weekly#26: Taken with an analog camera in the beginning of the 1970s, when the last trams still trafficed the streets of Malmö. The tramway was called the Rose line as roses grew along… Continue reading

Boats at Lernacken

Vintage Weekly#25: Taken with an analog camera in the beginning of 2000. The view is from Lernacken (Clayneck) where the bridgehead for Öresundsbron on the swedish side is founded. The view is towards… Continue reading

Tree shadows in a fountain

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Tree shadows in the water of a fountain.

Damm i strandkanten på Ön / Pond on the Island

Weekend Reflections:  Reflection in a pond by the sea at The Island in Limhamn / Ön i Limhamn.

Vattenkristaller / Water crystals

NF Waters #36: Fontänen Vattenkristaller av Edvin Öhrström (1970). Fountain Water crystals by Edvin Öhrström  (1970).

Scanian idyll

Vintage Weekly: This picture was taken on a walk in the spring of 1971. I strongly suspect that this wiew now is covered with asphalt from one of the myriad of motorways that… Continue reading


Vintage Weekly: Tabor Church soon to be demolished circa 1971. On the site is now a parking lot for a food store. Tabor Church was built in 1908 for the mission congregation in Limhamn. The lot… Continue reading

Vintage Weekly: Sillabanan / Herring Railway

Vintage Weekly: The old rails of Sillabanan or the herring railway along the beach between the fishing village Limhamn and Malmö. The fishwifes travelled on the train with their wheelbarrows full of fish to… Continue reading