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Tour Guide – Malmö, Sweden

This tour guide to the town where I lived was originally crafted several years ago and I have added to it and changed the pictures several times during the years. I share this… Continue reading

Julia Hallström – Street art in Malmö

On Davidshallsgatan in Malmö I found these pictures by the bus stop painted by Julia Hallström. More pictures on Monday Murals.    

Reflection in canal by Börshuset in Malmö

A reflection in the canal by Börshuset close to the railway station in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.


  Walking by the central square Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö I discovered that the square had started one of it transformations, this time preparing for it´s Christmas look. The square changes several… Continue reading

Autumn fog

This picture of fog in Malmö was published in color on my other blog Weekly Weather this week. I got a suggestion from Peter B at http://sparepartsandpics.blogspot.se/ in comments that it would be… Continue reading

Experimental light

  Walking through the twilight in the morning and in the afternoon I experiment with the light and a lense with f-stop 1.8. The picture is taken early morning in old town Malmö. I… Continue reading

Street art on Frisgatan in Malmö

Walking along Frisgatan in Malmö, Sweden, I saw this painting across the street. Artist unknown. More pictures on Monday Murals.

Reflections – The Calendar of Light – Malmö Town Library

  In the background the old library and in the foreground the new library wing in Malmö, Sweden. The new part is called the Calendar of Light. I share this post with The… Continue reading

Street art in old town Malmö

In old town Malmö – on Gamla Väster,  I found these mural paintings on a lot that I think is used for an outdoor restaurant in summer. More pictures on Monday Murals.

Edmalito – Street art in Malmö

  I found this picture by Edmalito on Norra Skolgatan in Malmö in Sweden. More pictures on Monday Murals.