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Edmalito – Street art in Malmö

  I found this picture by Edmalito on Norra Skolgatan in Malmö in Sweden. More pictures on Monday Murals.

Mural by Faith 47 at Södertull in Malmö, Sweden

Faith 47 at Södertull in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures on Monday Murals.

See all, do all, know all – Street art in Malmö

  On Davidshallsgatan in Malmö I found next door to the picture I published last week this picture by Lisa Ewald called “See all, do all, know all”. The picture below shows both pictures.… Continue reading

Indecision – Street art in Malmö

On Davidshallsgatan in Malmö i found this picture by Johanna Sjödin titled Indecision. More pictures on Monday Murals.

Graffiti by Kungsgatan, Malmö

By Kungsgatan in Malmö I found this graffitti on a electrical shed. Unknown artist. More pictures on Monday Murals  

You are good enough as you are

On Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö I found this face painted by Emelie Schill. The gist of the text on the painting can be translated as “You are good enough as you are”.… Continue reading

Happy elephant in Malmö

A happy elephant painted on Torggatan leading up to Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö. The elephant is painted by Ester Eriksson. A tiny child shouted “look at the elephant” when the artist painted… Continue reading

Shadow window

  Passing by a lighted office window I saw these shadows and snapped a picture. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Shadow      

Walking home

Walking home through the dusk with a lot of ambient light from different sources. The picture is taken this week. The willow trees are centuries old and once stood by a country road… Continue reading

2016 in Retrospective

It has been a tough year but I am sharing  some highlights here with The Daily Post’s weekly discover challenge: Retrospective. Click on the pictures to follow the picture trail and read the captions to… Continue reading