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Like a dream

I lived in Borås in western Sweden for a while last year and this was the street I walked every morning when going to work. It feels like a dream now that I am home again… Continue reading

Street mirror

Reflection in a street mirror in the early morning on the narrow streets of the old western part of Malmö.  More pictures at Weekend Reflections.


  I am an observer and often see things other people miss. But sometimes I think we rather blind to our environment and don´t notice the ongoing changes in it. I don´t exactly love… Continue reading


It has been rather cold these past weeks. Minus 14 degrees I think is the most in the city of Borås but I have heard of minus 18 and minus 19 degrees in the… Continue reading

From the now of a calm early summer morning in Borås, Sweden

  I take a lot of pictures on my way to and from work. In this manner my walk takes more time that it would have if I had walked without a camera… Continue reading

Ljus & mörker / Light & darkness

English text below the swedish text Veckans tema i Fototriss är “Ljus & Mörker”. Dessa bilder tog jag i morse på väg till jobb i Borås. The theme for this week at  Fototriss is Light & darkness.… Continue reading

Mysterious lights

In the darkness ordinary things turn mystic. And from where does the blue and green reflection come from?  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Almost beautiful

A mundane and dull concrete motorway bridge turns almost beautiful in darkness. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Morning reflection

A reflection in a window and a grid though not perfectly straight from Borås in Sweden. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grid.” I am also sharing this post with Weekend… Continue reading

Half shadow, half light

I turn around and have look at the slope I just descended early morning on Fleminggatan in Borås knowing I have to go back up the hills when I go home in the… Continue reading

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