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Kungsgatan in the morning

Early winter morning on Kungsgatan in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at Black and White Weekend.

Power lines in Japan

I am quite fascinated with the japanese power lines, coming from a country where power lines are buried in the ground.

Somewhere between Finland and Japan

On a plane from Helsinki in Finland to Nagoya in Japan. The picture is taken after departure from Finland.

An Unusual Point Of View

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV. Walking outside a newly renovated mall I saw a line of chairs which cast unusual shadows and reflections. A photograph of the line of chairs was rather… Continue reading

Reflections in a café window

Weekend Reflections: Chair reflected in a café window in Malmö, Sweden.

Winter in southern Sweden

It is still some time before december and real winter arrives in southern Sweden. The picture is taken on december 23rd in 2012.


Like small ants below are the big freighter ships seen from an airplane above the sea somewhere between Denmark and England. More Pictures at Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Ferris wheel at night in Nagoya, Japan

Night in Nagoya, Japan. More pictures at Our World Tuesday.

Night in Nagoya, Japan

Night in Nagoya, Japan. More black and white Pictures at The Weekend in Black and White.


I saw this foxglove in a garden along the street. More flower pictures at Nature´s Footstep Blo-Ma #56.