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Half shadow, half light

I turn around and have look at the slope I just descended early morning on Fleminggatan in Borås knowing I have to go back up the hills when I go home in the… Continue reading

Symbols for language

A great help to communication are the written symbols of the alphabet. Books have followed me since I learnt to read at an early age. More pictures on Weekly Photography Challenge: Symbol.

Mysterious copper door

A mysterious copper door along Åsbogatan in Borås flanked with a fence decorated with colden details and letters forming the word “svanen” which means “the swan” in Swedish. I wonder about the door… Continue reading

Access forbidden for unauthorized persons

  A door to an electrical power station with a sign with a flash symbolizing electrical hazard or danger saying “Access forbidden for unauthorized persons”. Someone have painted a female symbol beside the door. More pictures… Continue reading


Memories of darkness from early mornings on my way to work and of the illuminated trees in the valley of Korankei in Japan during the autumn of 2013.  More pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Into the fray

Malmöfestivalen is an annual festival lasting a week that started in 1985 in a small scale. It was cosy at the beginning with food stalls, stalls with handicrafts, the world¨s biggest lobster eating… Continue reading


A memory of the darkness from the dark part of the year,.The old willows along the street are silhouetted against the streetlights. More pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


Standing at the bottom of Warren Hill I reflect over the contrasts meeting at the horse crossing between Town Canter and Warren Hill. Slender horses and their riders meet mechanical horse powers as well… Continue reading


Between countries, between night and day. Flying towards the east somewhere over Khabarovsk in Russia heading for Japan with mountains touched by the light of the rising morning sun . More pictures on… Continue reading

A house for a dove

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra: Walking in London and enjoying the great architecture and the statues of central London I caught a little dove that used a houselike ornament as protection. maybe it lives… Continue reading