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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2018!

  This year´s  Christmas picture is from Lilla Torg in Malmö, Sweden and shows the Christmas tree the council has put up this year! A Merry Christmas to everybody on the planet and I wish everybody A… Continue reading

Waiting for Christmas

The Christmas lights in one of the trees on Gustav Adolfs square in Malmö, Sweden.  

Christmas tree at the cross by Södergatan and Skomakaregatan in Malmö

One of the Christmas trees the council have put up this year at the cross at Södergatan and Skomakaregatan in Malmö, Sweden.  

Hoya motoskei

I bought this hoya two years ago. It is Hoya motoskei and i find the flower wonderful.

Tallinn Reflections

Walking from the ferry to the old town in Tallinn we passed one of the modern glass buildnings popular all over the world and I snapped this reflection. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Car reflection in Malmö

Passing on my way to the train by the school at Södervärn reflected in a car window. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Ferry Terminal Reflections in Helsinki

Embarking the ferry from Tallinn in Helsinki last Friday I snapped this reflection when descending on the escalators. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Glad midsommar! – Glad Sankt Hans! – Hyvää Juhannusta! – Happy Midsummer! 2018

Today is Midsummer Eve in Sweden with rain in the morning but it soon became sunny again.  Midsummer is the longest day of the year and is celebrated by raising maypoles dressed with… Continue reading

Reflection in canal by Börshuset in Malmö

A reflection in the canal by Börshuset close to the railway station in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Pink waterlily in the Botanical Garden in Helsinki

Visiting the Botanical garden in Helsinki I saw this beautiful pink waterlily.