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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

This year´s  Christmas picture is of giant Christmas bauble on the Christmas tree on Stortorget in Malmö! A Merry Christmas to everybody on the planet and I wish everybody A Happy New Year with peace and calm on earth!

Reflection in canal by bridge

A perfect reflection in the canal by the Moresco Bridge in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

First of advent

Today is the first of advent, the first of the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Advent means waiting and in Sweden one traditionally has a candle holder with four candles in it. On the… Continue reading

Unknown seeds

Unknown seeds. More flower pictures on Today’s Flowers.


Unknown berries. More flower pictures on Today’s Flowers.

Ivy flowers

Ivy flowers. More flower pictures on Today’s Flowers.

Trees reflected in car window

The trees on the old church yard is perfectly reflected in the window of a car. Look closelyand you can see the green leaves reflected in the big W. More pictures on Weekend Reflections.

Unknown pink

I saw this beautiful pink flower along the street and photographed it. The leaves looked like hibiscus. More pictures on  Tuinverhalen.

Window reflection in Tallinn

Admiring the knitted things in a window in Tallinn I also caught a reflection as well. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

White perfection

  I saw a perfect white flower along the street and photographed it. I think it is a scabiosa. More pictures on  Tuinverhalen.