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Shadow window

  Passing by a lighted office window I saw these shadows and snapped a picture. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Shadow       Advertisements

Dinosaurs of the wall

This mural was tricky to photograph. As I couldn´t fit the whole wall in one photo I have divided it into two pictures. It is on a facade by a school yard at… Continue reading

Autumn shadow

My shadow on the ground filled with red leaves. More shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday

African buffalo shadow

The African Buffalo cast a shadow in Borås zoo in the autumn sun. More shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow of boxes in early morning sunlight

The slanting morning sun came through the window and the boxes created an interesting shadow on the wall.  More Shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday.

Half shadow, half light

I turn around and have look at the slope I just descended early morning on Fleminggatan in Borås knowing I have to go back up the hills when I go home in the… Continue reading

Railway shadow

Standing waiting for a delayed train I saw my shadow on the rails in the evening sun. More pictures on Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

Summer shadow in Borås, Sweden

A shadowed walkway and bicycle lane leading down to the underpass under the railway by Knalleland in Borås, Sweden. More pictures on Shadow Shot Sunday 2:

Bicycle shadow

This composition was suggested to me by a friend during a walk in the park. More shadows at Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Shadows at the entrance to the giant Buddha in Nagoya

Entering the shrine to the giant Buddha in Nagoya I found these shadows on the wall. More  shadows at Shadow Sunday.