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Shadows at the entrance to the giant Buddha in Nagoya

Entering the shrine to the giant Buddha in Nagoya I found these shadows on the wall. More  shadows at Shadow Sunday. Advertisements

Shadowed street

Walking through the sunset on shadowed residential streets in Nagoya in the beginning of November 2013. The sun sets rather early in the middle of Japan. It is circa five in the afternoon… Continue reading

Vine shadows

Vine shadows on a door. More pictures on Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

En del av mig / Parts of me

Helena med fotoutmaningen Fototriss vill denna veckan att man skall dela med sig bilder av sig själv men jag är rätt blyg av mig så det blir delar av mig ni får se.… Continue reading

Tree shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Tree shadows on the bus station at Norrköping central.

Optimistic Orchestra shadows

 The statues in the Optimistic Orchestra on Södergatan in Malmö have got knitted and crocheted clothes on to celebrate Malmö festival week and along with the real people they cast great shadows. More… Continue reading

Shadow inside a flower

Shadow inside a flower. More pictures on Shadow Sunday.


The land around the church in Villstad parish is farmed in traditional ways to maintain the look of the landscape and to protect the fauna and the flora. The picture is taken at… Continue reading

In the shadow of willow trees

Along the street grow willow trees hundreds of years old that used to grow along country roads or as dividers between different pieces of land in Scania, Sweden. This suburbian street was a country… Continue reading

Early morning shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Shadows along Föreningsgatan in Malmö, Sweden, on an early morning.