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Early morning sky over Warren Hill

Skywatch:  Morning light on Warren Hill in Newmarket, England.

Sky over japanese mountains

Skywatch:  Leaving Japan heading northeast towards Kamchatcha I caught these lovely mountains after the sign for the lifebelts was turned off. A bit awkward angle but very interesting structure in the mountains.

Winter sky above Rörsjöstaden, Malmö, Sweden.

Skywatch:  Winter sky just before sunset in Rörsjöstaden, Malmö.

Dramatic sky from Malmö, Sweden

Dramatic sky before dawn in Malmö, Sweden.  More pictures on Skywatch.

Autumn sky in Malmö, Sweden

Skywatch:  A grey and rainy autumn sky in Malmö, Sweden.

Sunset in Umeå, Sweden

Skywatch : I took this picture from a hotel window in Umeå, Sweden in May 2010.

Early morning sky in Malmö

Skywatch:  Morning sky waiting for the bus in Malmö, Sweden.

September Morning Cloud

Skywatch : Early september morning clouds.


Skywatch : Sky through a skylight.

Airplane cloud

Skywatch : When I was a child I was told this cloud line on the sky didn´t exist before the airplanes started to traffic the sky. Imagine a sky without airplanes, not so far… Continue reading