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Solitude on Rya åsar on a rainy day

On a rainy saturday I finally got to have a walk on Rya åsar in Borås, Sweden. I am sorry I didn´t get do it again but didn´t spend every weekend in Borås when I… Continue reading

Troubled times

I know I haven´t published as much this year as I have done in the years before. Life and worries are taking it´s toll. But I hope to be able to keep up my… Continue reading


Today’s world is much about connecting, both social and abstract connections in cyberspace and literal connections as in these pictures from my commuting life on buses, on trains and waiting for them. These… Continue reading

Changing weather

  The weather has been changing between snow and above the freezing point this week. I woke up on thursday morning to snow on the ground. But it melted away during the day as usual… Continue reading

Enchanting light

Enchanting blue  light on the snow in Borås, Sweden reminds me of a painting on my wall. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Life Imitates Art Published 2016-02-12    

Drömlikt / Dreamlike

English text below the Swedish text. Snö i Borås under januari 2016. Den stora granen är täckt av snö. I mörkret i backen skymtar en figur och de snötäckta fotbollsmålen drömmer om sommaren. I admit… Continue reading

January 2016 Vinter / Winter

  For English text se below. Vintern i Borås i januari har varit kall med temperaturer på minus 14 grader. Nästa vecka skall det töa vilket jag ser fram emot eftersom jag då kan gå till jobbet… Continue reading

Bodhi in snow

  The Bodhi  in Viskan has got a coat and a cap of snow. The Bodhi is a statue by the Swedish sculptor Fredrik Wretman in Borås in the river Viskan that flows through… Continue reading


It has been rather cold these past weeks. Minus 14 degrees I think is the most in the city of Borås but I have heard of minus 18 and minus 19 degrees in the… Continue reading

Trees in snow and darkness / Träd i snö och mörker

  English text below the Swedish text. Träd i snö och mörker i Borås på min väg till och från jobbet. Klicka på bilderna för att se dem större. Besök Fototriss på tema “Träd” för… Continue reading

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