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Memory from Haltwhistle

Picture taken in Haltwhistle when we started out for the day for Maryport.

Camden Lock

This picture of Camden Lock is taken in June 2019 when we visited London. Camden Market is one of our favourite places in London. .

Autumn fog

This picture of fog in Malmö was published in color on my other blog Weekly Weather this week. I got a suggestion from Peter B at http://sparepartsandpics.blogspot.se/ in comments that it would be… Continue reading

Walking home

Walking home through the dusk with a lot of ambient light from different sources. The picture is taken this week. The willow trees are centuries old and once stood by a country road… Continue reading

Camden Lock

This week I am reusing a picture of Camden Lock I published on Weekly Weather during the autumn of 2016. It is very convenient when you can read the name of the place… Continue reading

Stars on the street

Walking on the street I suddenly discovered a pattern of stars on the street. Investigating I discovered a small lamp in a shop window that projected the stars on the street.  More shadows… Continue reading

Framed by trees

My new favourite photo spot on my way to work in the morning is framed by trees.  I am sharing this post  with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Frame.

On the pavement

As usual on the lookout high and low, I saw this remnant of a flower outside a night club / pub where I saw a similar flower a few weeks back. Memories of some… Continue reading

Serene morning

I am almost always early to work which means the streets are mostly empty when I go to work. I like it that way as I am then am able to home earlier as… Continue reading

Shared journey to London

In 2014 I visited my daughter in England and we agreed to go to London. My daughter had at that time lived for several years in England but hadn´t been there and I had been there… Continue reading

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