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Sunset on the horizon

The sun is disappearing in the west over the horizon of earth as seen from an air plane over Russia on my first flight to Japan in april 2013. In response to The… Continue reading

Afloat on the borders of time and space

Looking through my picture stash I came across these pictures from a walk made with a friend on the outskirts of the town just before sunset in November 2014. The place is on… Continue reading

Walking through sunset

As you all know my medium of expression are photos. I am fascinated with lights in darkness and one of my favourite motives are dark streets or the urban environment in darkness. Not… Continue reading

Shadowed street

Walking through the sunset on shadowed residential streets in Nagoya in the beginning of November 2013. The sun sets rather early in the middle of Japan. It is circa five in the afternoon… Continue reading


More pictures of the weather this week on my other blog Weekly Weather: Snow.


 Behind the trees there is a temple and a giant Buddha in Nagoya, Japan. Behind the Buddha are high rise buildings. It is late in the afternoon in the golden light before sunset.… Continue reading

November Weather

My weekly update on the weather where I am can be found at Weekly Weather: November Weather.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination & Skywatch Friday. Walking home in the afternoon the sun is already setting.

Winter sky above Rörsjöstaden, Malmö, Sweden.

Skywatch:  Winter sky just before sunset in Rörsjöstaden, Malmö.


Sunsets in Malmö, Sweden.