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Tour Guide – Malmö, Sweden

This tour guide to the town where I lived was originally crafted several years ago and I have added to it and changed the pictures several times during the years. I share this… Continue reading

Julia Hallström – Street art in Malmö

On Davidshallsgatan in Malmö I found these pictures by the bus stop painted by Julia Hallström. More pictures on Monday Murals.    

Reflection in canal by Börshuset in Malmö

A reflection in the canal by Börshuset close to the railway station in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.


  Walking by the central square Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö I discovered that the square had started one of it transformations, this time preparing for it´s Christmas look. The square changes several… Continue reading

Autumn fog

This picture of fog in Malmö was published in color on my other blog Weekly Weather this week. I got a suggestion from Peter B at http://sparepartsandpics.blogspot.se/ in comments that it would be… Continue reading

Experimental light

  Walking through the twilight in the morning and in the afternoon I experiment with the light and a lense with f-stop 1.8. The picture is taken early morning in old town Malmö. I… Continue reading

Street art on Frisgatan in Malmö

Walking along Frisgatan in Malmö, Sweden, I saw this painting across the street. Artist unknown. More pictures on Monday Murals.

Glad midsommar! – Glad Sankt Hans! – Hyvää Juhannusta! – Happy Midsummer! 2017

Today is Midsummer Eve in Sweden and it is an overcast day with the threat of rain. But the weather held during the day and only started to rain a little in the… Continue reading

Reflections – The Calendar of Light – Malmö Town Library

  In the background the old library and in the foreground the new library wing in Malmö, Sweden. The new part is called the Calendar of Light. I share this post with The… Continue reading

Street art in old town Malmö

In old town Malmö – on Gamla Väster,  I found these mural paintings on a lot that I think is used for an outdoor restaurant in summer. More pictures on Monday Murals.