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Sunrise above the clouds

  I love flying and often hang by the window. This picture of a sunrise is taken somewhere above Sweden in the beginning of this week. More pictures on Skywatch. Advertisements Occasionally, some of… Continue reading

In the air heading out from Stockholm

I love flying and often hang by the window. This picture is taken just after the plane started from Stockholm this week.

Close to home

Flying home from Finland to Denmark we had good weather on the flight and when we flew over my home town Malmö in Sweden I looked down on where I live.  Turning Torso (at the… Continue reading


Today it is Midsummer day in Sweden and Finland. Midsummer is the longest day of the year and is celebrated in Sweden and parts of Finland by raising maypoles dressed with leaves and… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2018!

  This year´s  Christmas picture is from Lilla Torg in Malmö, Sweden and shows the Christmas tree the council has put up this year! A Merry Christmas to everybody on the planet and I wish everybody A… Continue reading

Waiting for Christmas

The Christmas lights in one of the trees on Gustav Adolfs square in Malmö, Sweden.  

Christmas tree at the cross by Södergatan and Skomakaregatan in Malmö

One of the Christmas trees the council have put up this year at the cross at Södergatan and Skomakaregatan in Malmö, Sweden.  

Malmö Live in December 2018

Malmö Live photographed yesterday with the lights on it that is lit during december leading up to Christmas. The house on the right side with a tower in the picture is the World… Continue reading

Dinosaurs in shifting lights

I have shown this mural on a schoolyard in Malmö in the light of a May morning. This time I and my son went around in the dark on the last day of the event… Continue reading

Giant white rabbit

I am a sucker for rabbits, having had several pet rabbits. To my great joy there was a giant white rabbit on the event Metropolis: by Light  (link to map in Swedish) that took place in… Continue reading