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Tour Guide – Malmö, Sweden

This tour guide to the town where I lived was originally crafted several years ago and I have added to it and changed the pictures several times during the years. I share this… Continue reading

Close to sunset

   Behind the trees in a shadowy grove there is a temple and a giant green Buddha in Nagoya, Japan. Behind the Buddha are high rise buildings. It is late in the afternoon… Continue reading

Tree shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Tree shadows on the bus station at Norrköping central.

Turning Torso

Turning Torso in Western Harbour, Malmö. More pictures at Weekend Reflections

Optimistic Orchestra shadows

 The statues in the Optimistic Orchestra on Södergatan in Malmö have got knitted and crocheted clothes on to celebrate Malmö festival week and along with the real people they cast great shadows. More… Continue reading

Early morning shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Shadows along Föreningsgatan in Malmö, Sweden, on an early morning.

Walking in a leafy tunnel

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: The leaves on the trees have turned the row of trees into a leafy tunnel


  Black and White Weekend: Memory from Newmarket in 2013.


Weekend Reflections:  Reflection in a pool of water on Kungsgatan, Malmö, Sweden.


Weekend Reflections: Reflections of century old houses and of the boulevard Kungsgatan in the windows of the modern tin house from 1975.  It is  one of the three county council houses of Malmöhus län (county).… Continue reading