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Solitude on Rya åsar on a rainy day

On a rainy saturday I finally got to have a walk on Rya åsar in Borås, Sweden. I am sorry I didn´t get do it again but didn´t spend every weekend in Borås when I… Continue reading

Troubled times

I know I haven´t published as much this year as I have done in the years before. Life and worries are taking it´s toll. But I hope to be able to keep up my… Continue reading

Framed by trees

My new favourite photo spot on my way to work in the morning is framed by trees.  I am sharing this post  with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Frame.

Memorial in Korankei

A stone with an inscription in Korankei in Japan. Korankei is famous for its beautiful autumn foliage and is gorgeous with the lighted woods in the evening.  More pictures on  Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag.

Trees in snow and darkness / Träd i snö och mörker

  English text below the Swedish text. Träd i snö och mörker i Borås på min väg till och från jobbet. Klicka på bilderna för att se dem större. Besök Fototriss på tema “Träd” för… Continue reading

The red panda is a careful climber

The red panda in Borås zoo is a careful climber. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

Summer shadow in Borås, Sweden

A shadowed walkway and bicycle lane leading down to the underpass under the railway by Knalleland in Borås, Sweden. More pictures on Shadow Shot Sunday 2:

Reflection at Åby trotting arena

Reflection of trees in the windows on Åby trotting arena in Mölndal, Sweden. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Afloat on the borders of time and space

Looking through my picture stash I came across these pictures from a walk made with a friend on the outskirts of the town just before sunset in November 2014. The place is on… Continue reading

Träd / Trees

English text below the Swedish text. Träd som boplatser, utsiktspunkt, fåglarnas motsvarighet till soffa och stolar. Några råkor i träd nära Kirseberg I Malmö.  I  Fototriss på tema “Träd”. Trees for living in, for overlooking… Continue reading