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Female chaffinch

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
I caught this chaffinch early in the morning on the street. More winged pictures at Wild Bird Wednesday.

Stand still and pay attention

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
If you stand still and pay attention a bird can land at your feet. Luckily I had the camera handy when this great tit decided to look for food…

Gulls with a view

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged #79 &  Camera Critters #270  &   The BIRD D’Pot .

Female chaffinch in early morning light

I think the chaffinches live somewhere nearby although they are not always seen. This apperar to be a female caught in early morning light and not easy to catch with a camera lens.  More… Continue reading

The BIRD D’Pot: Mr and Mrs Blackbird

The BIRD D’Pot: When I go to work there is a couple on the grass picking food in the ground, Mrs Blackbird and a little further down the street Mr Blackbird. I think… Continue reading

Blue tit

 The little blue tit is sitting on an old tv-antenna that still adorns the roof. Handy for small birds to sit especially since many people have cut down the trees in the gardens… Continue reading

Birds of a feather

Great tit in one of the willow trees along the street in early morning light in the spring. In the mornings the birds own the city before the humans wake up and go to… Continue reading


It is spring and the blackbirds are out in the morning. This is a male blackbird picking food on the ground. More winged pictures at Nature´s Footstep Winged &  & Wild Bird Wednesday.

Urban doves

The doves above met me when I emerged from the metro in Nagoya, Japan, and the dove below met me on my last leg of my journey  from Japan walkíng from the bus… Continue reading

Swallow flying along canal in Nagoya

This is kind of hard to see but look at the shadow and then look upwards. It is a swallow flying along the canal in Nagoya, Japan. Below it seems to have caught an insect.… Continue reading