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Car reflection in Malmö

Passing on my way to the train by the school at Södervärn reflected in a car window. More pictures at Weekend Reflections. Advertisements

Ferry Terminal Reflections in Helsinki

Embarking the ferry from Tallinn in Helsinki last Friday I snapped this reflection when descending on the escalators. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Waiting for the lobster party at Malmöfestivalen

When Malmöfestivalen started in 1985 my husband ate lobsters at the lobster party. There is still a lobster party on the opening night and I snapped this picture when I passed the big… Continue reading

Tour Guide – Malmö, Sweden

This tour guide to the town where I lived was originally crafted several years ago and I have added to it and changed the pictures several times during the years. I share this… Continue reading

Framed by trees

My new favourite photo spot on my way to work in the morning is framed by trees.  I am sharing this post  with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Frame.

On the pavement

As usual on the lookout high and low, I saw this remnant of a flower outside a night club / pub where I saw a similar flower a few weeks back. Memories of some… Continue reading

Serene morning

I am almost always early to work which means the streets are mostly empty when I go to work. I like it that way as I am then am able to home earlier as… Continue reading

Narrow streets

Walking through the narrow streets of old Malmö I catch glimpses of modern buildings. I am sharing this post  with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Narrow.

Beautiful decay

Moving through the urban landscape I keep my eyes open for beauty on the dirty streets. Here I found a decaying beauty on the pavement. I am sharing this post  with The Daily Post’s… Continue reading

Same square, same buildings

Standing at the bus stop at Gustav Adolf´s square I looked up at the buildings and thought about the picture I took in the beginning of the 1970s of the tramway that went between Gustav… Continue reading