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One glass window

At the hotel in London I noticed the water drops on the glass and when we checked it was an one glass window that England is famous for. It is autumn now but… Continue reading

Pink waterlily in the Botanical Garden in Helsinki

Visiting the Botanical garden in Helsinki I saw this beautiful pink waterlily.

Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ in the Botanical Garden in Helsinki

Visiting the Botanical garden in Helsinki I saw this beautiful cultivated waterlily: Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’.

Rowboat in the moat by Malmöhus castle

Medieval castles usually had a moat and Malmöhus castle in Southern Sweden has one too. The castle was originally built in 1434 by Erik of Pomerania, then  king of the unified Denmark, Sweden… Continue reading

Birch tree reflections

A mottled fascinating reflection with birch trees on flooded ground taken on a walk along the beach on Drumsö – Lauttasaari in Helsinki at easter 2016 at the end of March. I am sharing… Continue reading


We are connected by the internet and the unseen waves through cables and air as we are by the waves lapping the shores and the water enclosing the our planet. In response to… Continue reading

Memories from my travels

  In recent years I have travelled to several countries to visit my children. These pictures are memories from England, Japan, Finland and Estonia. To see the captions click on the pictures. In… Continue reading

Frans Suell looks out on the world

I live in a town by the entrance to the Baltic Sea. Once it was controlled by Denmark and all ships entering the strait of Öresund paid toll to the Danish state. In… Continue reading

Witness to time

  When I was young I didn´t take many pictures of the city. I have regretted that since but I think I have made up for that in recent years. The sky scrapers… Continue reading


  Swans give an impression of incredible softness with their fluffy wings. In response to The Daily Post’s discover challenge: Blogging the senses. I am also sharing this with Weekend reflections.