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A view from Canary Wharf

The view from the hotel window at Canary Wharf was fantastic at night.

One glass window

At the hotel in London I noticed the water drops on the glass and when we checked it was an one glass window that England is famous for. It is autumn now but… Continue reading

Tallinn Reflections

Walking from the ferry to the old town in Tallinn we passed one of the modern glass buildnings popular all over the world and I snapped this reflection. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Car reflection in Malmö

Passing on my way to the train by the school at Södervärn reflected in a car window. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.

Ferry Terminal Reflections in Helsinki

Embarking the ferry from Tallinn in Helsinki last Friday I snapped this reflection when descending on the escalators. More pictures at Weekend Reflections.


One of the bedrooms at Ivars farm on Seurasaari in Finland, with a window looking out on the trees. When the russian Tsar Alexander I visited Finland in 1819, he stopped at Närpiö, where… Continue reading

Trompe l’œil window

When I inventoried my picture stash today I found this picture. It was taken on New Year´s Eve 2014 when my son and I took a walk at the laguna by the Öresund bridge.… Continue reading

Mural by Tellaksen in Helsinki

Visiting Helsinki in Finland last week I was guided to this beautiful mural by Italian mural painter Tellaksen in Sörnäinen – Sörnäs. Look closely below, there is a cat sitting in the window.… Continue reading

First of advent

Today is the first of advent, the first of the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Advent means waiting and in Sweden one traditionally has a candle holder with four candles in it. On the… Continue reading

This cat has a story

In a window in Helsinki a tiny cat sits looking out on the street. He looks at the birds in the sky, the squirrels on the other side of the street, the cars… Continue reading