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Today’s world is much about connecting, both social and abstract connections in cyberspace and literal connections as in these pictures from my commuting life on buses, on trains and waiting for them. These… Continue reading


  I am an observer and often see things other people miss. But sometimes I think we rather blind to our environment and don´t notice the ongoing changes in it. I don´t exactly love… Continue reading

Scheelegatan in Malmö

Scheelegatan in Malmö in the winter of 2015.

Walking along Skeppsbron in Malmö on an early February morning

  Walking along Skeppsbron in Malmö on an early February morning there is harmony in town before the bustle of the day begins. On the other side of the old ferry harbour lies… Continue reading

Harmony in blue

A beautiful picture brings harmony and peace to my mind. This is the small lighthouse by Universitetsbron in Malmö harbour.  In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Harmony

Serenity on the shores of cyberspace

Of course I am an internet addict and often find peace surfing the tides of cyberspace. The picture is of the beach at Råå in southern Sweden.  In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:… Continue reading

January 2016 Vinter / Winter

  For English text se below. Vintern i Borås i januari har varit kall med temperaturer på minus 14 grader. Nästa vecka skall det töa vilket jag ser fram emot eftersom jag då kan gå till jobbet… Continue reading


It has been rather cold these past weeks. Minus 14 degrees I think is the most in the city of Borås but I have heard of minus 18 and minus 19 degrees in the… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

  I found the Christmas goats above in a shop window in the beginning of December. They are made of straw. The black one is a new experience as the goats as a rule… Continue reading

Fighting the wind

  A windsurfer conquers the forces of nature on a stormy November day at Falsterbo in Sweden in 2014. I exchanged a few word with the windsurfers and they thought the weather was glorious.… Continue reading